Talk event on "Considering Aesthetics in Japanese Creative Sense

Talk event on "Considering Aesthetics in Japanese Creative Sense

  • Date:
    3/16 Sat.
  • Venue:
    Tokyo Midtown Design Hub International Design Liaison Center
  • Access:
    Toei Oedo Line/ Direct connection from Exit 8 of Roppongi Station
    Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line: Direct connection from Roppongi Station via underground passageway.
    There are stairs in the middle of the underground passage. Wheelchair and baby carriage users are recommended to take the Toei Oedo Line.
    Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / 3-minute walk from Nogizaka Station (Exit 3)
    Tokyo Metro Namboku Line / 10-minute walk from Roppongi-itchome Station (Exit 1)

TCS original design talk same as last year

The word “creative” is now used in a variety of situations, including design and fashion, but until recently, each field of fashion, products, architecture, textiles, and art has evolved in its own unique way.

The evolution has shaped the concept of “creativity” unique to today’s Japan, but each concept and definition is being expanded and updated on a daily basis, eroding past boundaries and sublimating into a “culture” that is representative of Japan. The concept and definitions of each are expanding and updating day by day, eroding past boundaries, and sublimating into a “culture” that represents Japan and attracts great attention from abroad.

In this special talk, we will invite guests representing various fields to focus on the “sense of beauty” in Japanese creations. We hope you will take advantage of this rare opportunity to attend.

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