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The Future Beyond Redefinition –
A New Look at Creativity in Tokyo

What is ‘Creativity’ that people who live in Tokyo are proud of?
In a study that was conducted with cities in the world including Tokyo last year, Tokyo was highly recognized as ‘creative city’ by foreign people. However, not many people who live in Tokyo showed the same recognition. It was found out that they are not confident about their own creativity.
Based on that result, for this time’s report, ‘field where you can feel Tokyo’s creativity’ was studied. By looking into the fields with high recognition in details, Tokyo’s creativity will be re-defined and re-edited. We will look at new city contents and the existence of commerce based on it.
‘TOKYO CREATIVE REPORT’ is a report that suggests the vision and actions for ‘Tokyo’s creative future’. It was prepared by Panoramatiks led by Seiichi Saito and a social business studio, ‘SIGNING’.
Tokyo is a city that continues to change with many challenges, What is the ‘way for creative cities to exist’ in the era when definition and field of various things expand? And what is the ‘creative appearance’ that Tokyo should show in the future?
Shall we think together through the report?


What Tokyo Needs to Have Confidence in Creativity – Second report proposing visions and actions for “Tokyo’s Creative Future”.